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Why we love Alleghany Wellness Center!

Alleghany Wellness Center has been so good for me. I meet interesting people and have the opportunity to participate in the walking track and warm water exercise. One day I intend to add exercise machines too!

Ellen Deter

I have been going to the Alleghany Wellness Center for over 15 years. I attend warm water exercise classes 3 times a week for arthritis. I was also taking medication yearly for osteoporosis. Every 2 years I have a bone density test done for osteoporosis. The last 2 or 3 tests have shown that my bones have gotten better because the warm water exercise is a “resistance exercise” and has brought me to a point of not needing the yearly medication. If it wasn’t for the therapy pool, I would not be able to do water exercise. The big pool is too cool and my body doesn’t warm up because of my arthritis.

Marian Robertson

I am proud to support two important sources in Sparta. The Alleghany Wellness Center and Alleghany Cares. Both are good for my body and soul.

Nancy Kish


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