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An aerobic form of exercise that involves using a stationary exercise

bike in a classroom setting. Must be 16 or older to participate in class. Under 16 years of age must be approved by the instructor or AWCI General Manager. The class involves a single instructor at the front of the class who leads the participants in a number of different types of cycling. The routines are designed to simulate terrain and situations encountered in actual bicycle rides, including hill climbs, sprints, and

interval training. The instructor uses music and enthusiastic coaching to motivate the students to work harder.


After a vigorous workout or a long stressful day, stretch and relax your

body with standing, seated and balancing poses followed by deep

relaxation poses that will calm your mind and your body.

Mary’s Mermaids

The performance of aerobic exercise in fairly shallow water swimming pool. Done mostly vertically and without

swimming laps, typically in waist deep or deeper water, it is a type of resistance training.

Boot Camp

A highly evolving cardio and resistance training combination class. Staff strive to bring the best new exercises and routines to

participates in order to keep the class exciting every day. Much of the

class is based on body weight resistance, and constant motion. Boot camp is a great class to try if you are looking to: lose weight, tone-up, improve cardiovascular health, increase strength, or improve athletic performance.

Karate for Kids & Adults

Our Kids Karate class is based in Shotokan Karate but incorporates self defense and techniques from many different styles including judo, muay, thai, jujitsu, aikido, tae kwon do, boxing, and many others. We focus on introducing the youth to a wide variety of reaction and impact training drills while incorporating a fun environment to learn and work on discipline.

The Adult Karate class is great for Cardio, Self Defense, stretching andtournament training. With our roots in Shotokan Karate, we focus on striking and kicking, but also incorporate brazilian jujitsu, judo,

aikido, boxing, and many other martial arts tactics that apply to the

current teachings of martial arts and self defense today. You are guaranteed to sweat, learn new ways to punch and kick, ways to twist

joints and the human body, and become more aware and reactive to your surroundings.